Playness is an innovative programme based on modern scientific discoveries to promote physical activity in children.

The aim is to provide children with an environment where they can safely, effectively and systematically discover their potential in the field of movement skills and motor skills, and acquire emotional, social and intellectual skills during physical activity or play.

The general work methodology of the Playness education promotes independence, supports noncompetitiveness, respect, professionalism, children involvement and motivation of children through storytelling, since by doing so, we get even closer to children and motivate movement in children.

Playness animation is a physical and playful fun, in which movement, socialization, play and enjoyment are put at the forefront. Children will try their hands at physical activities such as crawling, creeping, jumping, pulling, throwing and rolling, thereby enhancing their strength, balance, coordination, accuracy and speed. With the Playness animation, children boost their body confidence and their physical literacy, thereby increasing their self-confidence, easiness and respect. It enables them to become more persistent and courageous, and get acquainted with order and discipline. Everything we do in our life is better in pairs, therefore the Playness animation enables the development of cooperation, teamwork and social network and, last but not least, children also enhance their mental focus and cognitive performance.

Knowledge that we gain

  • Movement 
  • Perseverance 
  • Empathy and help
  • Social and mental development 
  • Preservation of health and healthy life 
  • Play

Professions that we get acquainted with

  • Athlete
  • Coach 
  • Educational teacher
  • Kinesiologist 
  • Animator
  • Storyteller

Competencies that we strengthen

  • Body confidence, movement literacy 
  • Self-confidence, easiness, respect
  • Perseverance, courage, order, discipline
  • cooperation, teamwork, social network
  • mental focus, cognitive abilities