Minicity is a thematic entertainment programme, which implements the play-based approach and is intended for children from 2 to 12 years of age. Under the guidance of experienced animators, children learn about different professions and acquire useful skills for everyday life through educational play. The Minicity programme is implemented within the theme park shaped like a little city, located in Ljubljana's BTC, and within the framework of the workshops that are carried out across Slovenia in all types of events and occasions.

Didactic activities

All the activities which children encounter in our little city town and the field workshops are developed by a team of psychologists and early childhood educators with adequate formal education. The programmes are created in cooperation with the Slovenian economy and public institutions that provide the equipment for the play units and the props used during the workshops. They are created on the basis of practical experience, in a way to provide children with experiences that they have no opportunity to experience anywhere else. Minicity programmes:

  • promote  children’s  psychosocial development in an informal and fun environment, 
  • enable children to better understand various work processes and professions, 
  • stimulate creativity and curiosity,
  • help build a sense of success, self-worth and self-esteem with children’s participation in creative workshops,
  • children develop social skills and learn to respect each other’s differences through their interaction with peers whom they do not know.

Unique play tools

In each of the programmes, children have unique play tools at their disposal. These are mostly slightly adapted props that are used by representatives of various professions at work. In the children's city or in the workshop that is conducted at your chosen location, children put on work uniforms of police officers, builders, firefighters and many other professions under the guidance of experienced animators, as well as use their real equipment and get closely acquainted with construction tools and much more.

Our mission

Minicity's mission is to create fun and educational activities that promote all aspects of child development and offer upbringing support to parents.