Like any city, Minicity also has its rules. They need to be respected both for safety and to ensure cleanliness, good atmosphere and a pleasant environment for play as well as the satisfaction of all visitors. Rules were created according to the expert knowledge on interests, needs, abilities and the characteristics of play of differently aged children.

We kindly ask you to respect them too.


In the creative city, we try our best to keep our environment nice, tidy and clean. All props and exposed surfaces (including the counter, the bar, stools, benches ...) are cleaned and sterilized by using an organic cleaning product several times a day and after closing time of the centre. To sterilize all props and all hard surfaces we use harmless and safe cleaning products. Toilet facilities are thoroughly cleaned every hour, including the baby changing room.

You can help us achieve this by:

  • Not leaving Minicity Little Café & Cake Shop with food and beverage. 
  • Disposing of rubbish in the designated bins.
  • Keeping your shoes clean. In case of bad weather and muddy shoes, you can put slippers on your children’s feet. We would prefer you to bring your own; otherwise, there are a couple of slippers also available at our reception.
  • In Toddlers Corner, there is a basket where toys that children put in the mouth and that need to be sterilized before further use are placed. Parents are asked to be responsible towards other visitors and to place the toys that their child has put in the mouth in this basket after usage.

Health and Hygiene

Health and well-being of your children is our biggest concern. 

We believe that we provide an extremely high level of health and safety with our standards by which we ensure the protection of children against bacteria and germs. We are committed to keep Minicity as a clean and safe environment. Our personnel are well-educated about general safety measures and must strictly adhere to them:

  • frequent and thorough hand washing,  
  • stay at home in case of illness,
  • quick reaction if an object or area needs to be sterilized. 

You are also kindly asked to postpone your visit to our city if you or your child are coming down with an illness.


In order to ensure a safe environment, we have adopted several safety measures:

  • At the entrance to the centre, we have set up a safety system with special sensors that inform us with an audible warning if there is a child in the vicinity of the exit. 
  • Our Security Service and BTC Security Service are competent to perform operations in the event of fire and in this case, to allow smooth transition to the fire stairs. 
  • Minicity Ljubljana regularly monitors what is going on in the city by using surveillance cameras.

Despite all safety precautions, child’s companions are the ones who are responsible for a child in all respects during the visit to the creative children's city Minicity. Animators are (except in cases when the child is in day care) responsible for play guidance and animation, therefore the child’s companion should not leave the premises and leave the child unattended, unless a child is entrusted to another adult or if the following conditions are met:

  • A child is 7 years old or more.  
  • A child’s parent or an adult companion signs a written consent and entrusts a child into the hands of our day-care personnel.

We recommend

Children aged 5 years or less must be kept within companion’s sight. Although it may seem to you that the age limit is high, please take into consideration that such a big space is even bigger in children's eyes and that the spatial orientation of young children is poor, that your child may become frightened, thirsty, hungry, will have to go to the toilet, maybe become tired or moody ... If you bring more children up to the age of 5 years, you must accompany them all at the same time.

Property protection

Upon arrival, guardians and children are obliged to leave jackets, shopping bags, luggage, umbrellas and everything unnecessary in the lockers, with the exception of hand bags, diaper bags, baby strollers and wheelchairs. With this we want to protect visitors’ valuables from theft or loss and to make your Minicity stay more comfortable. We are not responsible for any personal belongings lost or stolen.