With Minicity field animations we spread the success story of children's workshops, a project by Minicity Ljubljana through which children get acquainted with different professions and other everyday adult errands, to various locations across Slovenia.

Animations are appropriate for all kinds of events and occasions, since their content can be adjusted to the location of implementation and children’s age. You can choose from 6 different thematic sets and in each theme, children get acquainted with a number of popular professions. During play, children are guided by experienced animators who bring unique play tools with them. By doing so, the Minicity experience is also available outside the little city’s street.

Like other activities in our little city, the Minicity animations are also entirely developed by a team of psychologists and early childhood educators with an adequate formal education. During the activities, children get acquainted with the tasks and challenges of the real world through play in a stimulating environment, while parents have time to relax and have fun or participate in play.