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A Minicity birthday adventure begins in a thematic little room of your choice and continues with a guided tour for a birthday child and his/her best friends around the little city. It is memorable for the birthday child and stress-free for parents.

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Fun for kids, where they can try out more than 50 professions!

Minicity is a thematic entertainment programme, which implements the play-based approach and is intended for children from 2 to 12 years of age. Under the guidance of experienced animators, children learn about different professions and acquire useful skills for everyday life through educational play. The Minicity programme is implemented within the theme park shaped like a little city, located in Ljubljana's BTC, and within the framework of the workshops that are carried out across Slovenia in all types of events and occasions.

Children's city

Minicity Ljubljana is a theme park in the shape of a little city, composed of streets, roads, houses and a green park. It houses a little bakery, bank, police and fire station, altogether more than 40 thematic corners  other thematic corners in which children get acquainted with their dream professions through play and acquire useful skills for everyday life.

Field Animation

With Minicity’s field animations we spread the success story of children's workshops from the theme park across Slovenia. The animations are suitable for any type of event and occasion, since their content is adjusted to the location of implementation and the age of children. You can choose from 6 different themes and each theme covers more popular professions. During play, children are guided by experienced animators who bring unique play tools with them and thus, the Minicity experience is also available outside the streets of the little city.

Didactic games designed by experts

All activities are developed by a team of experts from the fields of pedagogy and psychology in cooperation with the Slovenian economy and public institutions. The activities are designed to allow children to become more independent and to strengthen their social, emotional, cognitive and personal competencies.