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#gremovkino! Yes! Like in a real city, there is a real cinema hall in Minicity too. 

In it, children get acquainted with the history of Slovenian film, with an emphasis on family films, but they also get to know the profession of cinema operator and learn about the film. However, since we all have to enjoy cinema, we get to know cinema etiquette.
In Minicity Cinema, we will also get to know natural mineral water. Even during the party, we must not forget to drink quality water and in our China, children can learn about the importance of purity and composition of water and learn about what are springs, wells and how to find water in their packaging. Children will be introduced to the onion test and learn how to easily check the contamination of water with chemicals. We will learn to drink better water through knowledge.


In the World of Wafers in our Cinema, children and parents learn about the main ingredients, which are presented with the help of dwarfs from Loacker (Gnometti), ways of obtaining ingredients, finished products and interesting games related to them. Children will try their hand at preparing real as well as play wafers, dressed in real dwarf uniforms, and will be able to sit on large soft wafers, which will need to be assembled in the correct order.