During every school holiday, we organize a five-day thematic programme for your children. From Monday to Friday, children will get acquainted with more than 50 professions and gain the most important knowledge in the play units. The programme is developed in such a way that children can participate in only one day or take part on all 5 days. Those who complete the full programme will receive a Minicity diploma at the end!


Become a Minicity citizen (1 day)

Like any other city, also our little city has streets and roads. Children will get a Minicity driving license, so that they can drive safely. They will learn how to be financially responsible and go shopping at the Minicity Little Shop, put together a healthy meal and plan a trip to adventurous places as travel agents.

Products that can be taken home: driving license

Stop police, there’s a fire, the wail of the siren echoes down the street (1 day)

There are no adults in the little city. Children help maintain order on roads, so that nobody is hurt and that smoke is coming out from the chimneys correctly. To warm up in the morning, children will test the traffic park, learn about the fire department intervention and get acquainted with the evacuation plan, run the fire hoses across the city and carry out a fire extinguishing exercise. Real police will protect the risk zone and direct citizens how to act properly in case of accidents. The passengers who are waiting for the bus will not be kept waiting, since they will take them wherever they want to go.

Products that can be taken home: assemble your own bus

From a little explorer to a big scientist (1 day)

Little citizens, big ideas, perfect for experiments, magic tricks and research pranks. The city is still in the dark in the morning, the lights are turned off. In the Energy Factory, children will identify the problem, turn on the city lights and run gas and water through pipes to enter each home. Little explorers will get acquainted with and work with wood, observe through a microscope in the laboratory and do a lot of fantastic experiments.

Products that can be taken home: pen cup or a similar product made of wood

Home Alone (1 day)

When I let my mum and dad go on a trip, I take care of everything at home myself. At home, it is probably unusual for children to paint walls, build a house, cultivate a garden, wrap gifts for birthday parties and everything that belongs to parents’ daily tasks. They will change roles and as real dentists, they will examine teeth, chase tooth worms away, write a prescription and advise on proper oral hygiene. During the cleaning competition, they will become masters of dust and stain cleaning.

Products that can be taken home: a planted plant and a toothbrush

Your face sounds familiar (1 day)

From this day forward, your voice will become famous around the world and you will become a familiar face. Throughout the week, we will discover each child’s hidden talent and will reveal them at the Minicity talent show during the weekend. Red buttons, jury members, hosts, cameras, microphones, lights and everything that goes with it. During the day, we will march up the stairs of famous people, from singing and dance lessons to a beauty corner and styling on your own.

Products that can be taken home: created fashion accessories



Day care lasts up to 8 hours/day and is provided from Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


For whom is it intended?

It is intended for children between the ages of 6 to 12.



The price for a holiday day care lasting up to 8 hours is 30.00 € per day. Every additional hour of day care (8h +) provides an extra charge of 4.00 €. Price does not include lunch. 

In case of a day care lasting until 4 p.m., you will be charged according to the established price list of 4 €/h and it does not include breakfast or snack and lunch.


Application and information

For a holiday day care, it is mandatory to send a prior application by e-mail to recepcija@minicity.si or contact 041 377 366 no later than one day prior to the beginning of the day care until 2 p.m.

Little Café & Cake Shop offers a comprehensive range of food and beverage that you choose on the day of the day care and you also pay there.

Lunch can be chosen from the options below.



Please choose your lunch from our daily offer of The Little Cafe & Cake shop.