Little Shop
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Just as the concept of our little city is developed to discover children’s wide range of interests and new talents, so too the concept of the Minicity Little Shop is based on a wide variety of didactic toys, creative sets and board games. 

Puzzles of all sizes and difficulty levels will mesmerize animal lovers as well as those who prefer pirates or similar adventures. They can be made of wood, cardboard or foam, so that they are also suitable for small hands that will enthusiastically put larger and smaller puzzle pieces together for hours. 

Wacky intelligent plasticine in live or rainbow-like colours, glowing in the dark or constantly glittering, jumpy as a bouncing ball, sometimes stretched out like a bubble gum or in the shape of the scariest monsters that examine you – small and a bit bigger visitors will be enthusiastic about it.

Board games take us into the world where we have to be good observers, train our memory, sometimes react quickly and be dexterous to reach the goal! The whole family is having fun together while we are chasing the runaway amoebas, spotting small differences between pictures, building a skyscraper for the rhino, take animals on a trip with a crocodile or telling stories by rolling imaginary dice.

During good weather, we will also test our skills outside: we will learn how to catch frisbees and boomerangs, spin a diabolo, juggle, blow giant soap bubbles