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Mini Finances
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Through play, children get acquainted with the profession related to banking and business, learn about the advantages of using banking services (why it is good to have a bank account, why we keep the money in the bank, the advantages of bank cards ...). The awareness about money flow and responsible handling of money (money needs to be earned; we can spend it as much as we earn it; an unlimited amount of money is not available in the bank account and cash machine) and saving are also crucial.

They learn the basic concepts related to money and the euro, including the history, meaning and purpose as well as steps to a successful entrepreneurship.

Knowledge that we gain

  • Basics of the bank and its operations 
  • Familiarisation with the profession of a banking consultant
  • Understanding the money flow (money earning, opening a bank account, money deposit, money withdrawal and paying with a card/money and thereby spending money)
  • Familiarisation with money, its meaning and history
  • Familiarisation with pocket money management and corporate governance 
  • Familiarisation with the importance of saving

Professions that we get acquainted with

  • Banking consultant 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Banker

Competencies that we strengthen

  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative work 
  • Organisation
  • Logical and critical thinking 
  • Planning skills 
  • Expressing wishes
  • Goal setting
  • Creative expression
  • Creativity